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ICBC DIAL A CLAIM  -  CALL  604-520-8222 OR 1-800-910-4222

As an ICBC Certified Direct Repair Shop in Chilliwack, we can handle your ICBC claim making it an easy and quick process for you.  We also have great experience in dealing with Private Insurance companies as well.  Come by for a FREE ESTIMATE or with any questions you may have.  We are open 7 days a week, 8am-5pm.


Collisions are unfortunate, but they do happen and Reflections Truck Body Repair in Chilliwack is here to help you through the process and to get you back on the road as soon as we can.  In the event of a collision here is what you should do:

  1. Gather Information
    Collect the Vehicle information – License plate #
    Collect the Drivers information – Drivers License # and Name

  2. Take Pictures & Document what happened in the collision
    It is important to document how the collision occurred.  What street were both vehicles on, travelling what direction.  If you have a camera on your phone it is also a good idea to take a few pictures.

    Was it an animal impact?  ICBC will want to see proof that you had a collision with an animal.  Again take pictures of any hair or other remains from the animal on your vehicle.

  3. Witnesses
    Did anyone else see the collision?  If so collect their name and phone number as a potential witness for your claim.

  4. Report the Collision to ICBC & get your Claim #
    To report the collision you can call ICBC Dial A Claim: 
    604-520-8222  or

    They will give you a claim # and you can tell them which Repair Facility you would like to take your truck to for repairs.

  5. Bring your Truck to Reflections Truck Body Repair
    ICBC will provide you a claim #.  If your truck is still drivable you can bring your truck directly to Reflections Truck Body Repair.  As an ICBC Direct Repair Facility, our appraiser will take all the pictures of your vehicle, write the estimate and send all this information to ICBC in order to get the repairs approved.  You can leave your truck or maybe you need temporary repairs?  Perhaps a loaner bumper, loaner hood or temporary repairs in order to keep driving.  We have loaner hoods and loaner bumpers! Whatever your needs Reflections can help.

  6. Truck Out of Commission

If your truck is not drivable due to a collision, no matter where you are, could be Revelstoke, could be Montana, call Reflections and again we will work with ICBC in getting your truck home.